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Hey, Fellow Yogis and Yoginis!

Have you heard about our exciting new online subscription club membership called

If you’re anything like us, you refuse to settle for generic, low quality yoga tees. We offer only the highest quality, baby soft organic cotton tees featuring logos from real yoga studios around the world, and distribute them to all of our yoga-loving members

How does our company work? It’s easy! We select one international yoga studio per month based on its gorgeous, eye-catching logo. Tshirts featuring that logo, along with its location, are then sent to our club members all over the planet, thus promoting the studio. At the conclusion of the month, the limited edition logo design is retired, while the studio and its logo will become part of an ever-accessible permanent catalog on our site.

So what better way is there for you to support and promote both local and global yoga studios than to wear their logos? Now more than ever, our world needs more peace, love, healing, and yoga.

Each month, you will receive a brand new Tshirt with the logo of our currently showcased yoga studio. On our website, you will see up to 6 photos of the featured studio space, enjoy a written description of the space, and be able to find it on the map - so when you are traveling the world, you can actually visit that studio! While wearing our shirts, you will have peace of mind knowing that you will be wearing only the softest, finest of quality, Tshirts. Best of all, as our way of saying thank you, we will send you a FREE Tshirt with the stunning logo at the top of the page - just for signing up for a 1-year subscription!

Our partnership consists of a certified yoga instructor and the husband of a yoga practitioner. We teamed up to begin our grassroots venture because we know how difficult it is to find unique, luxurious, superior quality yoga tees at an affordable price. More importantly, we want to support every yoga studio by increasing worldwide exposure and benefit humanity by spreading awareness of yoga. We thank you for joining our Real Yoga Studio Tshirt Community!



                                                                           Erin & Dan

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