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Featured Studio of the Month

Sun and Moon Yoga studio, “Tokyo’s coolest place to reach Nirvana,” (Four Stories), is an uplifting, healing space where people from all over the world practice yoga in a nurturing, warm environment. Chosen as one of four best places to relax in Tokyo by Momentum Travel (, it’s an intimate, safe place for students to explore self-transformation through yoga, meditation, pranayama, and community. We’re not interested in yoga as commodity or competition. We’re a grassroots studio full of teachers who love to share the beauty and magic of yoga, mindfulness and meditation in a variety of styles from Ashtanga to Zen. Classes are in English, Japanese and bilingual. Over 25 classes a week in many styles. Workshops and retreats, too. Owner is Leza Lowitz, best-selling author of Yoga Poems, Yoga Heart, and the memoir Here Comes the Sun. Come join us in the heart of Tokyo seven days a week—our studio is easily accessible on the main Yamanote train line. No reservations necessary. Just drop in and roll out your mat.